​Owner, Cosmetologist

Barbara has been a licensed cosmetologist for 33 years focusing on nails and makeup. She's lived in Florida for 16 years and opened Rumors with her best friend, Alison, in 2002. She is a very artistic person and absolutely loves what she does! In her spare time enjoys restoring old furniture and working in her garden. "I love that my job lets me express my creativity in so many ways."


Manager, Cosmetologist

Alison has been a licensed cosmetologist for 32 years and has always known that's what she wanted to do. She opened Rumors with Barbara in 2002. She is so glad she gets to work with her family everyday. She loves spending time with her family at home and working in her garden in her spare time. "The best thing about my job is  I get to make people feel good about themselves everyday."


Sheri has been a licensed cosmetologist for 43 years and has been with Rumors since opening day. She grew up in an Air Force family from Dayton, Ohio and moved to Florida in 1998. "I love that my job gives me the opportunity to talk to and meet new people." In her spare time she enjoys reading, cooking and stitchery.






Diana has been a licensed cosmetologist for 42 years and has been with Rumors for 9. She grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and moved to Florida in 2006. Her favorite thing about her job is she loves getting to be creative and making her clients feel their best. She loves experimenting and learning new techniques. In her spare time she enjoys decorating and going consignment hunting. "I am a fashion forward person."



Tracey has been a licensed cosmetologist for 34 years. She was born in Peterborough, England and came to the states in the '80's. She has been in Florida for 21 years and with Rumors since opening day. She loves interacting with her clients and making them feel special. She loves spending time with her family and reading in her spare time. "Family is very important to me."

Meet our Family...

Stephanie has been a licensed esth​etician for

13 years and has been with Rumors for 2 years. She is a Florida native and area local. She loves skincare and being creative with make-up. She loves learning new techniques and always has a tip for helping any problems. She spends most of her time chasing after her two kids and loves them to death. "I love knowing i can make a difference in clients skin."

Rumors Family 2015


Head Receptionist 

Sabrina has been our receptionist for 3 years and is also a licensed cosmetologist. She moved to Florida from New Jersey to be with her family 3 year ago. After working as a bank teller for 13 years she decided she wanted to do something more creative and went to cosmetology school. "I love helping people feel better about themselves, and i like that i get to be creative at work."


Sue has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 30 years. Sue enjoys helping her clients customize their individual look and design. Her consistent goal is achieving healthy beautiful hair. Sue loves getting to know her clients and working with color, curly hair and special occasion hair styles.

Hair Stylist

Rumors Family 2016

Rumors Family 2017



Cyndi has been a licensed esthetician for over 15 years. She has been with the Rumors family for over 10! She was born and raised in New York but was ready to escape the long winters for some sunshine and moved to Florida 20 years ago. She loves to work with her clients to achieve their skincare goals and strives to help them feel more beautiful and confident. She like to spend her spare time with friends and family and her 8 year old twins.

Rumors Family 2018

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